My first Infosec impressions

by Danniella Liddiard 14th June 2018 Blogs , Events

Last week the highly regarded Infosecurity Europe (or Infosec) took place, giving thousands of information security professionals the opportunity to gather and discuss all things IT security and cyber risk. Infosec is Europe’s number one cyber security event and takes place at the overwhelmingly huge, London Olympia. With a comprehensive conference programme supported by high level speakers and panels, tech and strategy educational talks, not to mention the 400+ exhibitors, Infosec is a “must attend” for cyber security professionals.

This was my first year exhibiting at Infosecurity and I have to admit, it was bigger than I expected. Hundreds of exhibitors were showcasing their security solutions and products, cyber security talks and presentations filled the halls and there’s no escape from the immense range of giveaways and enticing games. Infosecurity Europe not only allows attendees to discover what others are working on and scope out new technology, but also find out what new digital threats are emerging (and I’ve come to learn there are always plenty).

Personally, I found Infosecurity Europe 2018 to be extremely eye-opening. I’ve begun to recognise the complexity and volume of digital threats out there, and the effort and resources employed to protect companies and individuals from them. The digital world is a great thing, but we must protect ourselves from its dangers (or at least hope somebody else will).

Serious talk aside, it was great meeting 3GRC’s current customers, along with chatting to those interested in our risk management Platform. With many networking opportunities, I noticed certain questions popped up more than others and therefore thought useful to provide clarification for those of you we didn’t get to chat with.

What do you do?… (literally)
This was a very common question from those passing by. Simple, yet completely plausible, providing the perfect entrance into our sales pitch!

We simplify, automate and centralise risk and compliance programmes with our Platform. The Platform is a software-based, visual and easy to digest programme, with many adaptable features and guidance tools. It enables user to build a comprehensive profiling programme by incorporating all risk and compliance elements into one single view. The Platform can be utilised for internal and external use and adapted to suit any use case and department. Our industry experts offer managed and consulting service packages to support users.

We also provide the full range of penetration testing services and Cyber Essentials guidance and certification.

What does comprehensive profiling mean?
3GRC software and services are specifically engineered to allow continuity between different aspects of due diligence assessments, collating all necessary data into a single dashboard and repository. This comprehensive profile gives a clearer picture of potential risks and allows a more holistic decision making and remediation process. Individual focus areas can continue to be reviewed by subject matter experts with standardised guidance within the 3GRC Platform, while the comprehensive view supports key decision makers requiring an ‘at-a-glance’ overview.

How is the risk register automated?
3GRC work with the client to determine an appropriate risk register when implementing the Platform, ensuring it is bespoke and relevant. By automating the risk register we give you complete visibility and control of your partners and suppliers that receive and handle your potentially sensitive information. Your entire risk profile can be viewed in our centralized live reporting section and reports can be downloaded and exported.

Is the Platform a premise solution or cloud based?
The Platform is a cloud-based solution which uses Amazon Web Services to automatically scale meaning customers do not need to worry about servers, security or capacity as their usage grows.

3GRC have secured a brand-new spot for Infosecurity Europe 2019 so I look forward to seeing you there! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us directly.

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