Platform Licensing

3GRC’s Platform automates risk and compliance management, removing manual aspects to encourage a streamlined approach. With lack of resources being a consistently noted challenge within GRC departments, 3GRC have developed an offering which assists with resource intensive aspects and dependant on scope, takes ownership of programmes.

Based in the Secure Operations Centre (SOC), an experienced team of Analysts and Consultants offer different levels of licensing to support The Platform’s implementation, maintenance and progress. With extensive experience working for a range of clients with varying use cases, the SOC team are able to translate an organisations unique requirements into a workflow within the Platform, and build upon this to ensure a successful risk and compliance management programme is developed and maintained.

To accommodate for each organisations varying needs 3GRC offer three licensing types; Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus.

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All licensing types include;

  • Full access to Platform content and features including a library of over 50 pre-defined assessments with content to address GDPR, ISO 27001, FCA and The Modern Slavery Act
  • Unlimited Platform users
  • Self-management of entities
  • Online support to address Platform issues (9am-5pm GMT)
  • Telephone support to assist with assessment queries, including support to external parties completing assessments (9am-5pm GMT)

Enterprise and Enterprise Plus licenses trust 3GRC to take ownership of programmes, onboarding many additional aspects to further define, develop and mitigate risk. For more information or clarity, please download the Licensing datasheet. Furthermore, if you’d like a discussion with one of our consultants about how we can help you build your organisations comprehensive risk and compliance profile, contact us today.

Licensing Programme Phases

There is a ten-step project plan followed by the Operations Team which is adapted specifically to your business in order to successfully manage the engagement:

Define Success Criteria and Agree Scope

Identification and Validation of Entities

Administration and Communication Configuration

Define and Validate Survey Content and Associated Risks

Entity on-boarding

Define and Review Submission Period

Validation of Responses and Survey Tuning

Operational Manual Definition and Sign-off

Operational Workflow Walkthrough

Business as Usual

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