Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

PTaaS provides a continuous cycle of Penetration Testing combined with consultancy, remediation, vulnerability management and Platform access, to protect and enhance your organisations security.

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Why PTaaS?

A traditional penetration test is often considered a tactical fix to meet business requirements, rather than a scheduled, tracked and continuous business strategy. A company’s risk landscape is constantly changing and therefore it is becoming inadequate to treat penetration tests as a one-off task. PTaaS addresses this by becoming the ongoing programme of testing, management and remediation of risks, ensuring that the chance of unwelcome surprises is minimised.

The 3GRC Approach

You can expect the same quality and service as outlined in our Penetration Testing Services however we consider PTaaS to offer a number of additional benefits;

Interact with your Penetration Testing report via the Platform, rather than a paper-based report.

Upon completion, risks will be uploaded and populated into the Platform, providing you with a clear view of risk areas or vulnerabilities, forming basis for remediation activity.

Up-to-date risk and vulnerability information to ensure you are always in the know

Through the utilisation of Platform licenses, PTaaS leverages the 3GRC Platform throughout the entire engagement, allowing you to chase remediation managers, and task manage all remediation progress. Over time updates within the Platform will clearly demonstrate risk reduction and provide a single audit trail of activities.

Identify emerging issues across your organisations entire network perimeter

Quarterly external vulnerability assessments are conducted to further strengthen the PTaaS programme and ensure complete visibility of risk.

Map your organisations Penetration Testing requirements via our entity tree function

Utilise our entity tree function within the Platform to map which systems are subject to testing. This function acts as a single point of reference where you can refine, and access per-entity risks through the Parent/Child hierarchy

Build your organisations comprehensive profile by utilising the Platform’s many use cases

Our Platform can be utilised for additional audits and assessments, allowing you to manage your risk and compliance programme with a centralised, automated and streamlined approach.

Flexible pricing

3GRC provide PTaaS as a flexible consumption of Penetration Testing days over a two-year term, with multiple pricing tiers available to meet project requirements. For more information on PTaaS pricing download our datasheet.

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Download the PTaaS datasheet

To find out more about our flexible pricing structure for PTaaS, please download our data sheet.


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