Data Mapping

Data mapping allows you to identify where sensitive and critical data exists within an organisation. Carrying out a data mapping assessment provides you with a clear picture of the attributes of data, such as who creates or receives it, how it is used, how is it stored, and who has access to it, both internally and externally. A data mapping exercise is particularly necessary when reviewing security controls within and organisation, or when assessing compliance against legislation such as the GDPR.

A fundamental challenge with legacy data mapping processes is organic change over time. A traditional data mapping assessment does not accommodate business change, and results in a data map which is inaccurate within months of creation. The 3GRC approach remedies this by permitting ‘heartbeat’ reviews with data owners to ensure data remains accurate and up to date.

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Effective Data Mapping

An effective data mapping exercise passes accountability to the business users and data owners who use the data every day. These individuals are best placed to comment on and manage visibility of sensitive and critical data flows. 3GRC supports this by providing a mapping mechanism which does not require much involvement or effort from the data owner, allowing them to focus on their day jobs.

The 3GRC approach

Through the 3GRC entity structure, datasets can be clearly allocated to business areas, teams, third parties, assets, or services, providing simple relationship associations.

The 3GRC platform allows organisations to conduct scheduled assessments to identify data flows and create a data asset inventory.

A risk register will be automatically generated highlighting key risk areas and data attribute trends.

Leveraging automation and consistent risk creation across the organisation provides fast and efficient results in a centralised platform.

Whether you intend to conduct a data mapping exercise independently, or wish to leverage our experienced managed service team to build your data asset inventory on your behalf, we offer a cleaner, more intuitive, and proactive mechanism to make sure you can make informed decisions.

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