ISO 27001

ISO27001 provides a benchmark for organisations to assess and drive their internal information security programme. ISO27001 provides a globally recognised standard which demonstrates that organisations are moving in the right direction for information security.

ISO27001 compliance requires an Information Security Management System (ISMS), Statement of Applicability against Annex A controls, and evidence to demonstrate the organisation is considering information security seriously and applying proportionate controls.

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Current Challenges

There is a considerable amount of literature and guidance available regarding ISO27001, however exercises tend to be project driven. There is a requirement to consider evolution of the organisation as revenue streams develop to ensure controls and processes still reflect the current state. Proactive management of this is often costly and time consuming if done manually.

Additionally, audit trails can be difficult to reconcile. Organisations agree to mitigating controls through different communication channels, and evidence is rarely populated in one simple location to support regular audits.

The 3GRC Approach

Using established ISMS and ISO27001 Annex A assessments, organisations can easily and automatically identify where controls and documentation are not fit for purpose. An automatic risk register provides insight to support a Statement of Applicability, and provides a single repository for evidence from identification through to gradual remediation.

The 3GRC Platform can also allow centralised distribution of policies and processes to the wider business, offering a full audit trail of acceptance. Supported by regular in system user awareness validation, the 3GRC Platform helps make ISO27001 compliance more than a tick box exercise, driving genuine positive business change.

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